Dr. Ray’s Toffee makes people happy.  Usually very happy.

And when people receive my toffee, it tells them that they are special.  And appreciated.  Maybe even loved.

I learned how to make toffee near the foothills of the Rocky Mountains in Boulder, CO, in 1982.  As a student at the University of Colorado studying to be a teacher, I worked and student taught at Crest View Elementary School.  My supervising teacher, Monte Whiteley, told me that he was either going to teach me how to teach or how to make toffee.

Monte did both.

In his characteristically unconventional manner, Monte laid the foundation for my career in education and as an amateur toffee maker.  Monte would call me around 7:00 a.m. on Saturday mornings to offer his insights and feedback on my student teaching.  While I thought he was never paying attention to what I was doing in the classroom, Monte was actually taking it all in!  After several hours on the phone, Monte would invite me to pick up some beer and come to his house for further evaluation.  It was during these sessions that I learned a lot about teaching children, school leadership, and, of course, how to make toffee.

While the ingredients have not changed since 1982, I have learned how to perfect the art of making the best toffee you have ever eaten.  Until now, I have only made toffee a couple times each year.  Christmas.  Special fund raisers.  By popular demand and request.

Enough people have suggested that I sell my toffee---and I finally listened. 

So why toffee?

It’s my way of saying you are special.  Appreciated.  Loved.  Important.   Nice.

It’s my way of making people happy.  Very happy.

It's my way of saying "thank you!"

Thanks for your support!